Course Goals and Data Protection

Course Goals and Data Protection

All data from the cataract course pre- and post- quizzes will be collected confidentially, stored securely, and aggregated prior to any publication. We collect email addresses and IP addresses only so that pre- and post- quiz results of individual participants can be paired with each other; this information will never be shared with anyone outside the cataract course. IP addresses and email addresses will furthermore be hashed and replaced by random, unique identifiers prior to analysis so that no cataract course personnel involved in the evaluation of Emory students will have access to these potential identifiers.

Participation in this quiz is completely optional, will not be tied to any Emory evaluations, and will not be eligible for any prizes. Website users can choose to navigate away from these quizzes without penalty (although we at the cataract course think these quizzes will be useful learning tools!).

We appreciate the time participants take to answer not only the content-related questions in these quizzes, but also the questions that help us determine where participants are in their training and how we can make the cataract course a more efficient learning tool. We hope that we can learn more about what makes an effective online tutorial for students in healthcare-related fields and share what we learn (through our aggregated, confidential data) with others trying to make similar websites freely available.

Many thanks from the Cataract Course!

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